gsm-r interference testing

MAV video showcases GSM-R testing

Comtest Wireless drive test solution in Hungary Hungarian rail operator MAV, has been using Comtest Wireless solutions to measure its GSM-R network since 2014. We have their kind permission to show this video, which demonstrates MAV’s capabilities to test overhead lines and the GSM-R network. From 0:00 – 10:20, Mr Akos Pilissy, the MAV measuring carriage “master” explains the structure […]
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New Comtest Wireless NetProbe Combined solution animation

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS network test and monitoring solutions announce a short YouTube video animation to showcase its unique NetProbe Combined solution. Shelley Robertson, Marketing Manager says “The Comtest Wireless NetProbe Combined solution is unique because it can collect and report on data from both on-board the train […]
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