Comtest Wireless helps proactive maintenance for rail telecoms and signalling systems

Monitoring for operations & maintenance

Test and monitor all the ETCS-related train control and communications

Monitoring ERTMS trackside systems & rail telecoms in one place improves performance optimisation

Whilst Drive Test tools can offer critical insight into the behaviour of rail telecom networks, additional key operational information can be understood from monitoring via probes and data feeds telecom, signalling, interlocking and onboard data.

This can enable the continuous monitoring of electronic information passed to and from the train across networks, each and every second of each and every journey.

The most successful solution is to test and monitor all the ETCS-related train control and communications. Doing so can provide a complete end-to-end view of the: GSM-R or other rail telecoms network(s), ETCS signalling and Interlocking systems and OBUs (On-board Units).

If one of these systems is not working correctly, or is not totally in sync with the others, the ERTMS environment can fail.

An effective way to carry out proactive maintenance and avoid issues stopping service

With multiple interconnected & complex systems, it is important to ensure that the rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking data from all sources can be synchronised and analysed.

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