Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring

Comtest Wireless's state-of-the art test and measurement solutions provide a unique combined view for GSM-R railway telecommunications operators, suppliers and vendors.

Many Comtest Wireless customers benefit from the power of combined GSM-R and ETCS monitoring, using our on-board and wayside test and measurement solutions.

NetProbe Analytics provides a uniquely powerful and comprehensive processing platform that allows users to collect, compile and analyse real-time telecom and signalling data collected from a combination of sources.

Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring features

Railway telecom and signalling connectivity and integrity needs to be continuous. The ideal combined testing and monitoring solution requires on-board diagnostics to actively monitor high-speed and conventional lines and wayside (passive) monitoring solutions, especially where ETCS L2 is operational.

This means signalling, telecoms and interlocking failures can be sourced and identified, using a common platform to process, analyse and report on the data.

Comtest Wireless NetProbe Analytics provides a powerful combined view of all the GSM-R and ERTMS data for easy analysis and troubleshooting

Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring includes:

  • NetProbe Analytics – the dedicated GSM-R/ERTMS/ Interlocking asset management platform
  • Full real-time stream correlation
  • Data collection tools (on-board & wayside)
  • Data compilation from multiple sources
  • Full tracing and signalling data storage for many years
  • Customisable analytical tools

The data provides a detailed view of:

  • all the railway communication systems
  • GSM-R and ETCS performance data (both continually and on request)
  • trackside results (via wayside monitoring)
  • train signalling and other initiated data (via on-board monitoring)
  • data in real-time from GPS and radio message events

Benefits of Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring

  • Save time – it is easy to set up real-time alerts and you can often pinpoint issues in hours, instead of days, making it much quicker to resolve issues
  • Save money – identifying the cause of the issue quickly and accurately helps to ensure penalty payments are kept to a minimum
  • Improve safety – with continuous monitoring in place, passengers and rail operators can enjoy all the safety and operational features that come with ERTMS, such as, faster and more frequent train services
  • Manage maintenance issues more effectively – use the data analytics to spot degradation trends or even help to schedule asset maintenance 

The Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring solutions are ideally suited to meet the needs of different customer types, including: rail operators, signalling operators and vendors, telecom vendors and railway communication system integrators.

They can be customised to meet both local and industry requirements. The Comtest Wireless team is highly experienced at designing and delivering practical solutions.

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