Combined solutions for world class operations & maintenance

Rail telecoms & wayside signalling & interlocking test, measurement & monitoring

See the whole picture & miss none of the detail with combined Drive Test & wayside monitoring

In Comtest Wireless’s experience, the ongoing operation and maintenance of ETCS signalling networks is best served using active and passive Drive Test and wayside monitoring systems.

This approach can deliver a superior system, combining and synchronising telecom, signalling and interlocking data ready for analysis in a single multi-user platform. This allows users to efficiently and effectively identify and analyse operational and performance issues. As a result they gain a deeper understanding of systems performance and ultimately, better control over the assets.

Comtest Wireless NetProbe Analytics provides a powerful combined view of all the GSM-R and ERTMS data for easy analysis and troubleshooting

This is important for traditional and Digital ETCS signalling lines. It is essential that network operations and maintenance teams have access to timely, efficient and effective tools to analyse and diagnose issues and situations. These help them to minimise and prevent delays, stoppages and any associated penalties and costs.

When a train stops, it can take a lot of time to manually scan multiple logs to find what went wrong and where. It is extra difficult if some of the data is missing or cannot be correlated. Access to a wayside monitoring solution can be a big help. It makes monitoring the network easier, so it is much quicker to analyse issues causing a problem for the train service.

Ideally all the data should be sent to a single analytics platform, making it easy to quickly build up a comprehensive database, combine and synchronise different data sources, allowing effective and efficient investigation and analysis.

Such systems make can play a significant role in the operational management of rail telecoms, ETCS signalling & interlocking systems performance as well as assisting in proactive maintenance processes.