Active and passive monitoring solutions.

Comtest Wireless has market leading solutions

Vendor independent expertise. GSM-R and ERTMS test & measurement solutions.

Comtest Wireless active and passive testing and measurement solutions for GSM-R telecommunications and ERTMS signalling networks can be installed:

  • On-board both test trains and operational trains
  • Wayside, along the track.

The NetProbe solutions provide the capability to collect data and monitor communications from multiple sources, vendors and equipment types.  Underpinned by over 10 years’ expertise and experience in railways, signalling, telecoms and IT, these solutions enable railway telecommunications operators, suppliers and vendors to have a unique view of the combined active and passive data – giving them access to an environment where they can manage and analyse the data collected and make better decisions.

Our software is designed for the following technology standards: GSM, GSM-R, GPRS, ETCS, ERTMS, WCDMA and LTE.

Here’s a brief summary of the NetProbe GSM-R and ERTMS network monitoring solutions available.

Combined GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions

The Combined GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring enables rail engineers and signalling operators to view and analyse cata collected from on-board trains and wayside, along the track in a single view.

This makes it an extremenly powerful and unique solution, which saves time and money, when it comes to analysing status issues, identifying areas of poor quality service and trouble shooting.

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Active monitoring solutions

These solutions combine our deep understanding of the GSM-R and ERTMS sector together with state-of-the-art technology, to provide a comprehensive and powerful service for railway operators and telecommunications companies.

Our active monitoring solutions enable data variables (such as the time, train geo-location and radio message events) to be initiated, collected and collated – as single events or as part of a regular schedule.

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Passive monitoring solutions

Our passive monitoring solutions enable ERTMS signalling data streams from the trackside and on-board units to be collected in real-time from a wide variety of network and train equipment. They include:

  • The provision of probes, responder units and other monitoring hardware to test and measure the quality of the communication network systems
  • The provision of powerful software tools to compile, collate and analyse the data
  • The provision of maintenance equipment, consultancy and services

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Reporting tools

Our reporting tools can be configured to deliver a variety of reports and can be customised on request. Our experienced support team can deliver all the necessary training and are available to handle post-implementation queries.

Interference solutions

Using proven Comtest Wireless technology, NetProbe Interference Modules provide rail and signalling operators with a complete solution to detect and analyse interference issues. As a result, the detailed interference reports can be used as a basis for engagement with mobile network operator (MNOs), third parties or legal entities, to address the issues.

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Onboard internet connectivity solutions

Our expertise with rail communications networks means we can also offer advice and services to organisations that require the capability to offer or monitor internet connectivity on board trains.

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