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Comtest Wireless NetProbe product suite

Rail operators are migrating to modern Digital Railway telecoms and signalling operations. Modern Digital Rail solutions require 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting to identify and fix issues quickly.

CW provides monitoring, test and measurement and analysis solutions to assist rail operators.

The diagram below shows a schematic view of the typical railway telecom and signalling environments that CW systems test, measure, monitor and analyse.

Troubleshooting that used to take days or weeks, can be done much sooner – in some cases, in a matter of hours.

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The Comtest Wireless product suite

The Comtest Wireless product suite makes it easy for railway telecoms and signalling engineers to test and monitor the quality of their networks. It comprises of all the hardware and software needed to collect data on-board and wayside, then use NetProbe Analytics, the world-class analysis platform, to manage alerts, pinpoint statuses, issues and create reports.

The GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring products can be installed:

  • On-board both test trains and operational trains
  • Wayside, along the track

The on-board data collection suite of products includes:

  • NetProbe Drive Test – enabling operatives to script & schedule active tests, and interact with on-board & portable test equipment
  • NetProbe Drive Test Unattended – enables the automated collection of test data without the need of an engineer on-board
  • NetProbe On-Board Unit – enables operatives to collect ERTMS, national signalling systems and other data from a wide range of different on-board systems

The wayside suite of products collect data for:

Product Architecture

This diagram summarises the product suite and solution architecture.

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NetProbe Enterprise NetProbe Drive Test NetProbe Analytics NetProbe OBU NetProbe Wayside NetProbe Unattended

Other services

In addition to its market-leading NetProbe products, Comtest Wireless also offers customers the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Measurement activities
  • Report customisation
  • Training
  • Maintenance

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