NetProbe Unattended

 Comtest Wireless NetProbe Unattended monitoring

Automated GSM-R & signalling data collection with NetProbe Unattended

NetProbe Unattended makes it easy to schedule, collect and compile telecom and signalling data in real-time, using unattended test systems on-board trains and platforms. 

It is a simple and cost effective way to identify and source signalling and telecoms failures in real-time, on a limited budget.

In just the size of a shoebox, it enables rail infrastructure operators to receive real-time analytics and identify network issues quickly – and requires minimal engineer maintenance visits.

This is why NetProbe Unattended is easy to deploy on trains, platform or wayside, and enables full end-to-end call tracing in real-time. The signal level and quality measurement data is collected by the on-board unit, statistically compiled into configurable ‘packets’, and then transmitted to the responder server.

It provides an in-depth view of:

  • All railway communication systems (GSM-R, OMC, signalling and interlocking)
  • ERTMS/ETCS service coverage
  • Performance data for repeat test patterns, alarms, measurements and events
  • Issues and inefficiencies with handover failures, service drops etc
  • Radio measurements geo-positioned from GPS, time synchronised and then notified in real-time

The range of data collection equipment includes:

  • Rack mounted solutions, supporting 8 watt cab radios
  • Single boards for compact installations
  • Trolleys on test or operational trains
  • Portable backpacks on test or operational trains

 NetProbe Unattended features

  • Real-time data collection, including geo-positioning
  • Executes repetitive test patterns
  • Sends measurements and events
  • Raises real-time alarms
  • Provides seamless connectivity among multiple radio bearers
  • Test and assess quality of service for all radio services
  • Performs active tests of operational networks (GSM-R, Tetra, WiFi) in fully unattended mode
  • Collects and aggregates information from on-board subsystems
  • Completely modular and user-configurable
  • Cost effective, unattended monitoring
  • Hardware and software is easy to install
  • Full end-to-end call tracing
  • Accurate quality of service evaluations
  • Aggregated data post-processing
  • Full tracing and signalling data storage for up to 5 years
  • Easy to upgrade to collect more data

New! Unattended Remote Configurator Option

Improve operational efficiency all from the comfort of your own desk! Start, stop and reconfigure GSM-R tests on-board trains and wayside without having to attend in person.

This is especially beneficial where tests need to be conducted frequently, in remote locations or along extensive lengths of track, as well as changed in the moment, based on real-time feedback.

Unattended Remote Configurator allows you to:

  • Check train position
  • Start & stop tests
  • Change the test
  • Configure the unit
  • Change the script

Learn more or request a demo on how Unattended Remote Configurator eliminates the requirement for operatives to travel on the train.


Once collected, the data is then analysed using NetProbe Analytics, the powerful, proprietary Comtest Wireless software platform.

Comtest Wireless NetProbe Unattended GSM-R & ERTMS monitoring

View real-time data as:

  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Events
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Layers

Additional services

Comtest Wireless can also provide the necessary training, support and maintenance contracts, as well as actively manned (non-automated) testing solutions.

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