Comtest Wireless NetProbe OBU

NetProbe OBU

Continuous automated data collection of on-board ERTMS and national signalling systems using test & fleet trains

NetProbe OBU (On Board Unit)

Designed to be mounted onboard test trains, wagons and can also be mounted in passenger and freight trains

This can provide further detailed visibility of the performance of operational assets.

NetProbe OBU can automatically collect data directly from a wide range of different on-board systems.

As the data is then compiled into the single NetProbe Analytics platform, it prevents data silos and makes it much easier to conduct overall analysis and detect issues more quickly.

By providing access to a combined & comprehensive overview of multiple dependent rail systems.

NetProbe OBU can assist in identifying and corroborating GSM-R, telecom, signalling, train and rail systems performance issues.

Comtest Wireless NetProbe OBU interfaces that can be monitored

Additional services

Comtest Wireless can also provide the necessary training, support and maintenance contracts.

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