NetProbe Combined

Understand & optimise rail telecoms & signalling systems synchronised within one platform

Collects & analyse

Rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking systems performance data from onboard and wayside

Using the data from both NetProbe Drive Test & NetProbe Wayside tools, enables a complete overview of the ERTMS inter-connected systems of the rail telecoms, ETCS or other signalling & the interlocking.

Using the powerful NetProbe Analytics platform, the combined data can be used to produce reports, conduct high level & in-depth analysis to identify issues, provide monitoring and analysis in near real time. It can also help to determine trends & assist with proactive maintenance.

A range of NetProbe Combined solutions is available, to suit different customer needs, including those for rail telecoms, and signalling departments, vendors and system integrators.

Systems are customised to meet local and industry requirements and the Comtest team is highly experienced at designing and delivering practical solutions.

Additional services

Comtest Wireless can supply solutions for test trains and wagons, attended and unattended solutions, as well as standalone and portable kits.

The solutions are all supplied with appropriate training, support and maintenance packages tailored to meet different client operational processes and environments

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