Essential operational tools for effective rail telecoms & transport management teams

Comtest Wireless products

Comtest Wireless provides products and solutions to measure, monitor, analyse and report on the performance of rail telecoms networks, signalling & interlocking systems.

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The product suite

Comtest Wireless offers the most comprehensive range of rail telecom and signalling, test and measurement, monitoring and analysis systems.

The range of products are customisable to meet differing client requirements including:

NetProbe Drive Test

The market leading NetProbe Drive Test is a critical test & measurement tool. It is used globally by rail telecoms engineers & vendors, as well as transport management teams responsible for the rail telecoms network. Read more

NetProbe Wayside

A proven system to monitor the performance of trackside systems for rail telecoms, ETCS signalling, interlocking systems. Read more

NetProbe Combined

An efficient and effective tool combining and synchronising wayside and Drive Test data and information, making it faster and easier to source & pinpoint issues and maintain and optimise rail systems performance. Read more

NetProbe OBU

The NetProbe On-Board Unit (OBU) solution enables automated on-board data collection, making it easy to test, measure and monitor the performance of ETCS enabled train fleets & multiple vendors’ trackside systems. Read more

NetProbe Analytics

The world-class NetProbe Analytics solution underpins the whole NetProbe product suite. It enables the collection of data from multiple vendors, sources and equipment types on-board test trains, operational trains & wayside feeds into the database, where it can be synchronised in near real-time. Data can then be segmented and analysed in many ways, making it easier to measure and monitor performance to identify issues with failed or performance degraded equipment, train stoppages and more. Read more

NetProbe Enterprise

NetProbe Enterprise is a web-based version of NetProbe Analytics that can provide online and scheduled access to system KPI reporting, as well as operational and management reporting. Read more

NetProbe Owl

NetProbe Owl is a security monitoring solution that can be used to identify suspicious messages and sessions in monitored traffic, send alerts and generating reports in real-time. Read more