Comtest Wireless at SmartRail Europe 2015

Test & monitoring installations for ERTMS

Carlo Ughetti shared valuable ERTMS test and monitoring experiences from Comtest Wireless at Smart Rail Europe 2015 last week.

In his presentation, Carlo (pictured on the right) covered a number of aspects, including the main risks and issues that organisations typically face when dealing with ERTMS, such as:

The main risk is to misunderstand current status:
Sparse data chunks
With low granularity
Coming from different sources
Often not synchronised
Difficult to correlate
Sometimes with no statistical relevance
Aggregated on wrong items

These issues lead to poor knowledge discovery, problems of underestimation and, even a misunderstanding of overall status.

As this can have a severe impact on perceived quality of service, it is important to have ERTMS effective test and monitoring systems in place.

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