Comtest Wireless gives to take care kids

Supporting Take Care Kids

Comtest Wireless helps to improve the quality of life for children living in poverty in Thailand.

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions is supporting Take Care Kids, a charity based in Thailand.

Take Care Kids helps children living in Pattaya, in conditions of extreme poverty and danger. Many of these children are living in violent environments and some have even been abandoned, abused or tortured.

Volunteers from Thailand and Italy provide the children and their mothers with food, shelter, medical assistance, schooling and psychological support, when it is needed.

Pietro Comerro, Director at Comtest Wireless says “as a business which has ‘safety’ at is heart, we are pleased to be supporting the work Take Care Kids do. The money raised provides direct aid to the children and orphans living in truly life-threatening conditions – and every child deserves to be safe.”

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