Next generation NetProbe Automatic solution launches

Comtest Wireless rises to rail market demand for real-time, network-wide insight into GSM-R quality and interference problems with new NetProbe Automatic solution.

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS network test and monitoring solutions, announce the launch of an unattended, automated drive-test solution that can be easily installed and managed on-board trains.

Following the continued success of its popular ‘NetProbe Combined’ solution, Comtest Wireless has seen an increasing number of rail infrastructure operators looking to continuously test and monitor rail telecommunications networks.

Their key requirements include a solution that: provides complete coverage, is suitable for use on any train, is easy to install by their own engineers and requires minimal engineer maintenance visits. What’s also important to them is the ability to receive real-time analytics and to enable network issues to be identified in minutes.

Automatic compressedThe NetProbe Automatic solutions use state-of-the-art technology to address all of these requirements (and more) – and only take up the same size as a shoebox!

Ronnie Beggs, part of the Product Management team at Comtest Wireless, says “Drive-test monitoring using test trains plays a valuable part in many network test and measurement strategies but it is not necessarily a panacea. By their very nature, test trains tend to operate on specific lines and at specific times. As this is often when the rail network is less congested, it means that a different solution is required when it comes to continuous testing of the whole rail telecoms network.

That’s what inspired us to develop NetProbe Automatic. We wanted to make it easy and affordable for rail infrastructure operators to install an appliance themselves and on as many trains as they like. This means they can continuously monitor the telecoms network performance, from on-board test, operational or freight trains – using a solution that’s robust and reliable.
Furthermore, as with any device installed in many locations, engineer maintenance visits need to be kept to a minimum. That’s why NetProbe Automatic continuously collects and streams data in real-time and is enabled for remote management, updates and configuration.”

NetProbe Automatic is available for GSM-R radio modules. It supports remote over the air (OTA) updates, and uses wireless data connections to stream call trace data in real-time to a central NetProbe server for real-time analysis, combined with other drive-test and rail network monitoring data.