NetProbe Portable

New NetProbe Portable range announced

Thameslink Programme inspires development of new portable unattended active GSM-R and ETCS test systems.

Comtest Wireless to extend the NetProbe product suite with new portable equipment that enables automatic voice and data collection from GSM-R and ETCS equipment on trains and trackside.

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS network test and monitoring solutions announce the development of a new range of unattended active testing solutions, that can be easily installed on test or passenger trains.

Since the announcement of the first ETCS-controlled test trains running as part of the Thameslink Programme, Comtest Wireless has received enquiries and is delivering solutions for other organisations who also want to test ERTMS and GSM-R networks using compact unattended systems.

The new NetProbe Portable range will enable rail and signalling operators to extensively measure the GSM-R and ERTMS networks for voice and data quality by setting up and running automatic tests.

The solutions will be available as carry-on trolleys and backpacks, which can be used on board test trains, passenger trains or secured trackside, such as on a platform. These new range of solutions are battery powered and can collect a great deal of data before needing to be re-charged.

Carlo Ughetti at Comtest Wireless says “these new NetProbe solutions will provide engineers with the ability to test any type of cab radio or mobile device using carry-on equipment that is easy to set up to operate automatically. The solutions will also be able to integrate with the NetAnalyser state-of-the-art software, to provide a rich and powerful data analytics experience”.

Neil Dayment, Project Manager at Siemens Mobile Communications, adds “the Comtest Wireless solution has enabled us to validate our GSM-R coverage design for the Thameslink Programme. The flexibility of the solution allowed us to board service trains without disruption or the need to schedule specific test trains following the commissioning of GSM-R Base Stations.

In addition to the GSM-R coverage design work, Siemens is building the new trains for the Thameslink route (which will be maintained at two newly constructed depots Three Bridges in Sussex and Hornsey in north London), re-signalling London Bridge and approaches and implementing innovative ETCS (European Train Control System) signalling which requires uplift of the existing GSM-R network”.

Organisations looking to learn more about NetProbe Portable or how they can install GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions should contact Comtest Wireless.