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New ERTMS GSM-R & signalling systems troubleshooting guide

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This troubleshooting guide is in the form of a white paper. It examines three key challenges faced by those responsible for ERTMS systems performance and operations and then proposes ‘what good looks like’ to mitigate them.

Challenge 1 – “The ERTMS environment is complex”

The ERTMS environment is highly complex and its constituent parts – the GSM-R telecoms, signalling and interlocking (IXL) systems – are very different technologies, which are typically managed by different departments within the rail organisation.

Challenge 2 – “Data silos make troubleshooting hard work”

Typically, rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking have their own separate combinations of vendors and monitoring tools – sometimes, even on the same line.

Challenge 3 – “Budget constraints and KPIs mean we can’t rely on a ‘fix on failure’ approach”

Unplanned maintenance increases costs and often means frustrating changes to engineering work schedules.

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The need for testing and monitoring solutions has never been greater

On 10 May 2018, Mark Carne, Chief Executive of Network Rail, said ….

“Transforming our railway into the digital age offers the chance to deliver huge benefits for our passengers and the freight that this country depends on…

New digital signalling offers a cost-effective alternative that supplies significant benefits for rail users: More capacity, speed and reliability…

Over half of Britain’s analogue signalling systems with lineside traffic lights controlling trains will be replaced within the next 15 years, with the aim to see 70 per cent of journeys benefit from digital railway technology.”

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