Comtest Wireless ERTMS workshops 2017

ERTMS workshops

Derby 19 September & London 21 September

Please join us to learn the latest tips and techniques for ERTMS testing & monitoring: GSM-R, ETCS or national signalling, and interlocking.

We are hosting free two ERTMS workshops in September.

Derby (Derby County Football Club, Pride Park) – 19 September

London (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Westminster) – 21 September

These are free to attend and all are welcome.

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Why attend?

Digital Railway aims to improve capacity, ensure safety, reduce costs, save time and create interoperability.

The success of these outcomes for Digital Railways depends on the success of ERTMS, the European Railway Traffic Management System.

And the success of ERTMS depends on the continuous operation of GSM-R telecommunications, ETCS train control & signalling and the wayside interlocking systems. A fault on any of these can mean the train cannot move forward, causing stoppages, passenger dissatisfaction, penalties and unplanned maintenance costs.

What’s on the agenda?

Join us at 9.30 for a 10 am start. We’ll aim to close at 1.30 and refreshments are provided.

We’ll spend the workshop discussing the ERTMS environment (GSM-R, ETCS and national signalling, and interlocking), with particular reference to the challenges and opportunities this provides for digital rail.

Using case studies from the UK and elsewhere, we’ll examine the tools and techniques you can use for on-board and wayside testing and monitoring. In addition, we’ll cover the benefits of using combined analytics for diagnostics, troubleshooting and ERTMS KPI reporting, as well as online customised management reporting.

This workshop will be interactive, so there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and make the most of your morning.