Comtest Wireless Welcomes Disciplined ERTMS Deployment

Disciplined ERTMS deployment

Comtest Wireless welcomes the signing of the MOU to formalise an integrated management process for ERTMS deployment in Europe. The document represents a significant step forward by the parties involved. These include: the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Railways, and the rail sector organisations (CER, EIM, EPTTOLA, ERFA, the ERTMS Users Group, GSM-R Industry Group, UIC, UNIFE and UNISIG).

ERTMS is a key enabler for digital railways in Europe. The new MoU puts in place the framework to give legal and technical certainty to a train equipped with the latest ERTMS release, to run on any compatible line with acceptable level of performance. It also requires mature management of this software based system, with customers and suppliers introducing appropriate clauses for software maintenance in their contracts.

What this means for Comtest Wireless customers

We are working hard to ensure that Comtest Wireless customers in Europe can be well positioned to meet their commitments for the ERTMS deployment. This includes the provision of affordable solutions to ensure that GSM-R and ETCS performance can be easily measured and monitored, as part of ERTMS compliance.

Read more about the MOU here.