Comtest Wireless customer ERTMS passive monitoring installation - SBB

Comtest Wireless Wins SBB Tender for ERTMS Passive Monitoring Solution

Comtest Wireless customer - SBB

Integrated hardware and software solution makes it easier and faster to collect data and monitor quality of service across multiple systems and to troubleshoot ERTMS issues.

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS test and measurement solutions has been selected by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), to provide a passive monitoring solution for their ERTMS network.

As part of its commitment to a modern and efficient rail network, SBB is increasing the number of ERTMS lines and the services that use GSM-R. In May 2014, SBB issued a public tender to ensure that it had an effective way to detect and measure changes to the quality of service and the ability to carry out effective troubleshooting, to minimise and manage any issues following the ERTMS deployments.

Following a shortlisting process, Comtest Wireless was named as the winner in late 2014. Its success was based on being able to fulfil the ERTMS passive monitoring tender requirements to the highest degree. These included the ability to integrate with third-party data sources, import topology data for ERTMS and having the capability to integrate with geo-information systems and systems for network configuration, therefore providing a comprehensive, high quality data collection and post-processing tool.

Christian Nänni, Product Manager, Rail Communications at SBB Infrastructure Telecom says “Comtest Wireless won this ERTMS passive monitoring tender because they had the products and technology to provide the most effective solution. Installing probes at every telecom interface within the GSM-R network coupled with powerful software ensures that we have good visibility of the quality of service at all times and the ability to troubleshoot easily when necessary. An additional benefit is that the Comtest Wireless  tool is user friendly; it is easy to get the data you need quickly, it is intuitive and can be customised, so we can tailor the system and it will scale with us, as we continue our developments.”

Carlo Ughetti, Sales Manager at Comtest Wireless adds “we are delighted to be supporting SBB with this development, which is yet another sign of trust for our company and the solutions we provide. SBB has been using our active data-collection system in test trains for 4 years. The new system we’re installing has unrivalled data collection, storage and reporting capabilities, which will be extremely valuable for them in managing their ERTMS network performance going forward.”

Organisations looking to learn more about how they can install GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions should contact Comtest Wireless.