NetProbe Analytics has been shortlisted for the Signalling and Telecoms category.

Comtest Wireless shortlisted for UKRIA 2018 awards

UKRIA 2018 Signalling and Telecoms Category Finalist

The UK Rail Industry Awards are judged by some of the most significant figures in the industry.

Comtest Wireless entered the UKRIA 2018 awards for the first time. It’s powerful software platform for troubleshooting GSM-R and signalling issues, NetProbe Analytics, has been shortlisted for the Signalling and Telecoms category.


To meet increasing demand, a rail network needs more capacity, to safely carry more passengers.

In order to achieve this, Network Rail and other Rail Infrastructure companies globally, are modernising traditional rail telecoms and signalling systems by deploying ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) signalling systems. Failures prevent the train from moving, which can trigger delays, passenger dissatisfaction, increased unplanned maintenance work and also incur penalties when SLAs are not met.

Using NetProbe Analytics means the telecoms and signalling engineers can continuously check GSM-R signal quality, minimise GSM-R interference and pinpoint GSM-R, signalling and interlocking issues quickly and easily. For example, NetProbe Analytics provides:

1. Multiple synchronised views of an issue to simultaneously show for example, the train position on a map, GSM-R signal quality, RBC handovers and voice call drops

2. Automated alerts to help identify issues in real-time

3. Automated reports to support KPI management reporting

4. Trend analysis by comparing data stored for up to 10 years

The awards ceremony takes place in London on 22 March 2018.