Upcoming webinar – using Drive Test to optimise rail telecoms performance

Thursday 18th March 10.30 am BST/ 11.30 am CET

Rail telecoms are the vital backbone for modern rail operations. Any interruption of service has a profound effect on passengers and rail operators alike, which is why Drive Tests are critical to ensuring continuous operations.

This 45 minute webinar aims to provide a good overview of what a radio, telecoms or signalling engineer needs to know about using Drive Tests in the rail environment.

It should be useful for anyone who is:

  • responsible for rail telecoms
  • new to Drive Test
  • involved in implementing ETCS projects
  • operating lines where trains depend on voice & data calls
  • working in signalling & telecoms diagnostics
  • managing rail telecoms assets

The key speaker for the Drive Test webinar is Luca Fornasiero, who will cover:

  • why and when you should use Drive Tests
  • what tests are required at every stage of the lifecycle (including the importance of using Drive Tests for lines in daily operation)
  • top tips for Drive Test data collection, analytics, troubleshooting & reporting on key metrics

There will also be time for questions.

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