Comtest Wireless to attend UIC global conference on signalling

Meet Comtest at the UIC Global Conference on Signalling in Milan

26-28 March, Milan – Visit us at stand 5

Comtest Wireless is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling, held at Fiera Milano Congressi, Milan.

About the Conference

In 7 core sessions and 2 technical visits, this new conference examines the current trends of modern railway signalling and how the ERTMS system is evolving in the world. These sessions include:

  • ERTMS in the world: the Funding Challenges
  • ERTMS today, the return of 20 years long experience worldwide
  • The EU regulatory context for ERTMS and Global opportunities for CCS deployment and development
  • Game Changer: ATO & ATS integration
  • Game Changer: the Future Railway Mobile Communication System
  • Game Changer: The synergy between Level 3 and Satellite integration
  • Cybersecurity & Safety issues

Visit Comtest Wireless at stand 5

Meet the Comtest Wireless team to learn more about how to manage long term safety by collecting and analysing data from ERTMS signalling systems and GSM-R telecommunications networks.

Discover how to use synchronised data from multiple sources, vendors and equipment types at any stage of the ERTMS lifecycle – to check quality of service, detect issues, troubleshoot and even for predictive maintenance and asset management.

Please contact us to pre-book a meeting – or just come and see us at the UIC Global Conference on Signalling.

We look forward to seeing you there.