Comtest Wireless to present at InnoRail 2017

Franco De Fazio to speak at InnoRail 2017

10-12 October 2017, Budapest

Franco De Fazio will be presenting on ‘the advantages of an integrated approach to ERTMS diagnostics testing’.

11 October – 15.10pm

His talk will outline the tools and techniques available to enable rail telecom operators and signalling engineers to deliver the optimum ERTMS service and ensure that penalties are assigned to the correct parties.

It will demonstrate how an integrated approach for diagnostic testing and monitoring all the ERTMS components can deliver greater benefits than using isolated solutions. This will examine both on-board and wayside data collection solutions and the value in the ability to combine these when it comes to conducting the analytics. Time permitting, delegates will be able to ask questions.

Why is this topic important?

Digital Railway aims to improve capacity, ensure safety, reduce costs, save time and create interoperability. The success of these outcomes for Digital Railways depends on the success of ERTMS, the European Railway Traffic Management System.

And the success of ERTMS depends on the continuous operation of GSM-R telecommunications, ETCS train control & signalling and the wayside interlocking systems. A fault on any of these can mean the train cannot move forward, causing stoppages, passenger dissatisfaction, penalties and unplanned maintenance costs.

More about InnoRail 2017

This presentation will be delivered in one of two streams running over 11-12 October – the Railway IT, telecommunications and safety technology systems section.

Other presenting companies in this section include: Shift2Rail, RFI, RINA Services, Thales Austria and Kapsch CarrierCom Austria.

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