Franco De Fazio, Comtest Wireless

Franco De Fazio to participate in Rolling-NET Congress

18-19 October 2016, Budapest

Comtest Wireless joins KapschNISZ, and KTI in a roundtable discussion on GSM-R at the Rolling-NET Congress in Hungary later this month.

In its second year, this two-day event covers a wide range of topics for those involved in a number of key rail sectors. There are presentations and panel discussions from organisations such as MAV, which will be useful for those working in the rolling stock, telecommunications, security surveillance, IT/ICT and even the Internet of Things (IoT) environment, in relation to railways.

The Rolling-NET GSM-R round-table takes place at 17.20 on 18 October.

It will cover a wide range of aspects relating to the past, present and future of GSM-R. The panel consists of:

Dr. Maros Dóra, KTI, GSM-R Certification Expert
Agárdi Ferenc, NISZ, GSM-R Director
Franco De Fazio, Comtest Wireless, Key Account Manager
Torjai József, Kapsch, Head of Railway Business Unit

To find out more about the Congress or to register, please click here.

Delegates who work for train manufacturers or rail operators, and journalists can attend for free.