Comtest Wireless to present at Railway Engineering 2019

Comtest Wireless to present at Railway Engineering 2019

3rd – 4th July 2019

Comtest Wireless is pleased to announce that it will be presenting at the 15th Annual Conference, Railway Engineering 2019, held at Radisson Blu Hotel, 80 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh UK

About the Paper

“Technical engineering best practices & operational benefits gained through effective troubleshooting ERTMS post-installation”

The presentation will cover three European cases studies to examine how effective trouble-shooting in the complex ERTMS environment can help firstly, rail telecoms & signalling engineers to develop best practices, and secondly, deliver operational efficiencies.

Case study 1: “ETCS emergency braking”
Case study 2: “Individual train performance monitoring”
Case study 3: “ETCS performance management”

Attendees will benefit from highly practical tips and ideas for ERTMS troubleshooting as well as an appreciation of how this boosts operational expenses by saving time and money.