UIC 3rd World Conference on Rail Transport Telecoms

Comtest Wireless to attend UIC 3rd World Conference on Rail Transport Telecoms

UIC Headquarters, Paris, 17-18 May 2017. Visit stand 7.

If you are planning to attend next week’s 3rd World Conference on Rail Transport Telecoms, please come and meet the Comtest Wireless team.

Two new solutions will be showcased at the conference.

A new interlocking module – rail and signalling operators can monitor GSM-R, ETCS network performance and interlocking data all within a single solution and onboard automated data collection. This makes it easy for GSM-R, ERTMS networks and interlocking data on a L2 ETCS line to be monitored and reported using the same platform.

A new onboard data collection solution – look out for more details to be announced at the conference.

Click here to pre-book a meeting or simply drop by. We look forward to seeing you.

Learn more about how to collect and use data from GSM-R telecommunications networks and ERTMS signalling systems.

Discover how to monitor these communications from multiple sources, vendors and equipment types – or to check for interference.