Comtest Wireless GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions help customers make wiser choices.

Why Choose Comtest

Vendor independent experts. Powerful GSM-R testing and ETCS testing solutions.

Vendor independent experts. Powerful GSM-R testing and ETCS testing solutions.

Comtest Wireless provides powerful test and measurement solutions for GSM-R & other rail telecommunications and ETCS signalling networks.

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5 reasons why customers choose Comtest Wireless

Comtest Wireless is vendor independent

Comtest Wireless is an Anglo-Italian company that works with rail operators, telecommunications companies, telecommunications and signalling vendors and other suppliers around the world. Because our GSM-R and ERTMS test and measurement solutions collect data from multiple equipment types, sources and vendors, they can provide comprehensive and accurate correlated results.
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high quality active and passive GSM-R and ERTMS test and measurement solutions

Combining the (active) data from test and operational trains, and the (passive) wayside data from along the track, produces information that can be combined and analysed in great detail. This enables customers to run bespoke reports, cross reference queries, analyse situations, identify issues, predict trends and build their expertise, all of which enables them to make wiser decisions with regards managing their rail and signalling operations and networks.

Comtest Wireless software can accommodate existing hardware

Comtest Wireless can configure and integrate its NetProbe technology to support multiple types of GSM-R handsets, radios, scanners and other monitoring equipment so that existing assets do not always need to be replaced. This can assist with project funding and the management of infrastructure capital budgets.

Comtest Wireless listens to customers and understands their requirements

Comtest Wireless has completed many significant projects in both Europe and the rest of the world. Customers rely on its solutions and strong knowledge base, considerable practical expertise and the support it provides before, during and after the work is completed.

This experience means Comtest knows how to deliver GSM-R and ERTMS test and measurement solutions that are tailored and integrated, to meet customers’ requirements – in technically complex environments. That includes attended and unattended solutions, as well as those for GSM-R interference testing.
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Comtest Wireless delivers real value

In essence, Comtest Wireless solutions provide two core benefits. Firstly, they enable customers to proactively identify and address issues on GSM-R and ETCS signalling networks before they become critical. Secondly, they enable customers to understand when, where and why an incident occurred.

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