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Here’s a video summary of why digital railway needs continuous monitoring and how our solutions help.

Want to know what Comtest Wireless does? This animation explains it all.

Rail telecoms engineers can start, stop and reconfigure GSM-R tests on-board trains and wayside – all from the comfort of their own desks


In this video, Franco De Fazio summarises the benefits of the Comtest Wireless proposition.

Carlo Ughetti shares his vision of the future of the rail sector and where Comtest Wireless can add value.

Marco Bussi shares why it’s important to monitor ETCS L2 railway signalling networks.

Massimiliano Beccuti expains the expertise behind the Comtest Wireless technololgy.

Luca Fornasiero demonstrates some the different ways to view the GSM-R data collected from active testing.

Francesco Motta explains the importance of ISO 9001 and a quality management system for Comtest Wireless customers.

In this video, Allesandro Simonetta shares how Comtest Wireless supports customers.

Giovanni Cotroneo talks about his role in the active testing solutions over the last 10 years.

Founder, Pietro Commero shares the history of Comtest Wireless.

Serena Bianchi share the Comtest Wireless values.

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