Rail operators, system integrators, telecoms & signalling vendors & NOBOs use Comtest Wireless

Many customers have different requirements but they generally share a common goal – the need to collect data, to test, measure and monitor communications and performance on their rail telecoms and signalling networks. They choose Comtest Wireless because they rely on its experience and expertise to help them find practical and effective solutions. This includes solutions for GSM-R and rail telecoms network interference testing.

That’s because the Comtest Wireless NetProbe solutions enable them to run bespoke reports, cross reference queries, analyse situations, identify issues, predict trends and build their expertise, all of which enables them to make wiser decisions.

Comtest Wireless customers

These are just some of the Comtest Wireless customers.

Rail operators, telecommunications companies, telecommunications vendors and other vendors around the world benefit from the Comtest Wireless GSM-R/ rail telecoms network and signalling test and measurement solutions.

Rail operators

Vendors & industry customers

The NetProbe products support attended, remote & automated data collection and analysis

From multiple types of equipment both on-board trains and wayside, along the track.

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Comtest Wireless and ISO 9001

Quality is an important value

We believe in developing and delivering quality products and services which in, turn help our customers to test and monitor the quality of the GSM-R and ERTMS networks on which they rely.