Comtest Wireless's state-of-the art test and measurement solutions provide a unique combined view for GSM-R railway telecommunications operators, suppliers and vendors.


Test, measure & monitor rail telecoms networks & signalling systems performance with confidence

Test, measure & monitor rail telecoms networks & signalling systems performance with confidence

Modern rail, signalling, telecom and interlocking systems can be complex technical environments. Accordingly, it is essential to test, measure & monitor the rail telecoms, signalling & interlocking networks not only during deployment, optimisation and acceptance but also during their operational lifetime.

Comtest Wireless provides tools specifically for the rail sector, which support users to effectively and efficiently deploy, test measure, analyse and monitor rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking networks.

Comtest Wireless explained

Test, measurement & monitoring solutions made easy

Railway operations depend upon reliable signalling and telecommunication networks

About Comtest Wireless

Comtest Wireless has over 20 years of experience in working with leading rail telecoms and signalling suppliers, system integrators, infrastructure owners and train operators globally.

A wide range of test, measurement & monitoring solutions are available including – attended and unattended systems, on board and wayside, portable and rack mounted, as well as solutions for security monitoring.

Solutions have been deployed for a wide range of rail telecoms networks from different vendors including: GSM-R, TETRA, and 4G/LTE. Future deployments are expected to include FRMCS, 5G, MCPTT and other technologies.

Comtest can provide the best test, measurement and monitoring solutions for all your needs.

Uses of the Comtest Wireless solutions include


As an essential tool for network deployment

During the testing, optimisation and validation phases

Gaining network acceptance and certification

To determine compliance

With ETCS, UIC, ERA and other industry safety, regulation and certification standards
smartcity technology transportation train railway

To test, measure & monitor rail telecoms, signalling & interlocking performance

Against operational KPI requirements

To analyse, source & pinpoint issues

Within operational rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking systems

To detect and identify the source of interference

On rail telecoms networks

To assist in the identification and prioritization of critical issues and activities

As part of predictive maintenance processes

For monitoring networks

Identifying sources of incorrect operation or cyber-attack

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