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Comtest Wireless provides active and passive test and measurement solutions for GSM-R telecommunications networks and ETCS signalling systems.

Our state-of-the art monitoring solutions provide a unique combined view of GSM-R and ERTMS networks for railway telecommunications operators, suppliers and vendors. They can be installed onboard test trains and operational trains, and wayside, along the track. Read more about us ...

Comtest Wireless provides GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions to vendors and operators of GSM-R communication and ERTMS signalling systems.

Providing Vigilance. Creating Wisdom.

Comtest Wireless are independent experts in the field of GSM-R testing and ERTMS testing solutions.

Comtest Wireless active and passive GSMR and ERTMS monitoring solutions collect data from multiple equipment types, sources and vendors. This combined view makes it easier to analyse and identify communication issues and then make better decisions.

That’s why the unique solutions from Comtest Wireless are used by vendors and operators of GSM-R and ETCS communication systems and technology around the globe.

Comtest Wireless Combined solution video

See how to save time and money with Comtest Wireless NetProbe Combined rail telecoms and signalling network performance monitoring.


Our NetProbe Combined solution collects data from different equipment using monitoring on-board the train and along the track.

This makes it easier for rail operators to check the quality of service, for interference issues, and in areas with poor coverage. Learn more.

NetProbe Drive Test training and software helps Etihad Rail DB team

Comtest Wireless enables Etihad Rail DB to test voice quality on the GSM-R network

NetProbe Drive Test training and software helps Etihad Rail DB team to prove readiness for EIRENE RF coverage certification in Abu Dhabi

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions have recently supported Etihad Rail DB to prove the voice quality on the GSM-R network for EIRENE RF coverage certification in Abu Dhabi. Learn more


Comtest Wireless to present at ERTMS & ETCS 2019

The Future of Railway Signalling – 27th & 28th March 2019

Comtest Wireless speaker Luca Fornasiero, will be presenting on “Using data from multiple sources to support and enhance ERTMS delivery”.

His talk will cover: the importance of data in troubleshooting and predictive maintenance, functional analysis & ERTMS, and Cyber security considerations.

Learn more

Comtest Wireless ERTMS troubleshooting guide cover

New ERTMS GSM-R & signalling systems troubleshooting guide

This troubleshooting guide is in the form of a white paper.

On 10 May 2018, Mark Carne, Chief Executive of Network Rail, said ….

“Over half of Britain’s analogue signalling systems with lineside traffic lights controlling trains will be replaced within the next 15 years, with the aim to see 70 per cent of journeys benefit from digital railway technology.”

This troubleshooting guide examines 3 key challenges faced by those responsible for ERTMS systems performance and operations and then proposes ‘what good looks like’ to mitigate them.

Learn more.

Introducing NetProbe Unattended Remote Configurator

Improve operational efficiency - start, stop and reconfigure GSM-R tests on-board trains and wayside – all from the comfort of your own desk!

NetProbe Unattended Remote Configurator is the next generation in unattended rail telecoms testing solutions.

Start, stop and reconfigure GSM-R tests on-board trains and wayside without having to attend in person. It saves time and money!

This is especially beneficial where tests need to be conducted frequently, in remote locations or along extensive lengths of track, as well as changed in the moment, based on real-time feedback ….. Learn more

Comtest Wireless extends rail telecoms monitoring to include TETRA Emergency Services calls for Bane NOR

Launch of TETRA testing & monitoring capabilities

Comtest Wireless extends rail telecoms monitoring to include TETRA Emergency Services calls for Bane NOR

The new TETRA module enables rail telecoms operators at Bane NOR to test RF levels, quality of service and call coverage along the track. As a result, rail telecoms engineers and managers have access to KPI data including, a wide range of TETRA network parameters and trace information, which can be displayed in a variety of different formats – such as maps, charts and tables. These visual data displays make it easy to monitor quality of service, troubleshoot or identify areas of poor coverage.

The charts were also added to the NetProbe Enterprise online KPI dashboard, to provide access to the rail telecoms network performance data, 24/7. Learn more

Comtest Wireless shortlisted for UKRIA 2018 Signalling Telecomms award

Comtest Wireless shortlisted for UKRIA 2018 awards

Finalist in the UKRIA 2018 Signalling and Telecoms Category

Comtest Wireless entered the UKRIA awards for the first time this year.

NetProbe Analytics, the powerful software platform for troubleshooting GSM-R and signalling issues, has been shortlisted for the Signalling and Telecoms category.

Read more

Huawei uses Comtest Wireless Drive Test solution to gain GSM-R acceptance for Turkey’s new KSC high speed line

Huawei uses Comtest Wireless Drive Test solution to gain GSM-R acceptance for Turkey’s new KSC high speed line

Superior NetProbe Drive test tools provided via Comtest Wireless partner Orbitel, enable Huawei Turkey to gain acceptance from TCDD and Teknotel

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions, announce that its NetProbe Drive Test solution has been instrumental in enabling Huawei to gain acceptance for the new KSC line by Turkish State Rail Operator, TCDD and Teknotel Enerji Telekomünikasyon A.Ş.

Mr. Erhan Yavuzarslan, Project Manager of Huawei Turkey says “The KSC line is a significant milestone for Turkey and we are delighted it has received acceptance.

The normal GSM test tools don’t have the ability to test ETCS function and quality of service – that is why we chose to work with Comtest Wireless. Being able to conduct all the GSM-R and train control data testing using one platform was more efficient and enabled us to easily demonstrate complete and through coverage, thereby delivering the reliable GSM-R network that we are renowned for.”

Read more

NetProbe OBU enables train operators and rail infrastructure providers to conduct continuous automated data collection of onboard ERTMS and national signalling systems.

Comtest Wireless launches NetProbe OBU

New ERTMS On Board Unit, NetProbe OBU, provides continuous automated data collection of onboard ERTMS and national signalling systems

NetProbe OBU (On Board Unit) enables train operators and rail infrastructure providers to have greater visibility of the performance of ERTMS systems and other operational assets.

Test trains can be expensive to move to different locations and are not easy to run during peak times. That’s why there can be significant advantages to installing ERTMS monitoring systems onboard operational trains.

Read more here.

Comtest Wireless is the only company that can simultaneously monitor and display wayside data from all the GSM-R, ERTMS and IXL networks along a level 2 ETCS line

New interlocking module enables Ansaldo STS to monitor entire ERTMS system on new L2 ETCS high-speed line

NetProbe Wayside Suite offers unique ability to monitor GSM-R, ETCS and interlocking network performance all within a single solution.

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions, announce the launch of NetProbe Wayside, its complete L2 ETCS monitoring system (including interlocking) & its first direct collaboration with leading signalling vendor, Ansaldo STS.

This is a significant milestone for the European rail industry, not just for Comtest Wireless.

Read more here.

Comtest Wireless enables BaneNOR to monitor GSM-R service quality online

New NetProbe Cloud web browser solution makes it easy to monitor call drops, handover failures and other GSM-R testing KPIs, 24/7.

One of the first organisations to adopt the new NetProbe Cloud solution are Norwegian railway infrastructure manager, BaneNOR (previously Jernbaneverket), who wanted to extend their capabilities by making selected data and reports available online, as well as from dedicated computers in the Head Office.

Read more here.

Comtest Wireless Switzerland ERTMS ETCS infographic

Comtest Wireless in Switzerland

Empowering ETCS engineers in Switzerland - an infographic case study

Comtest Wireless has produced an infographic to showcase the use of its active drive test solution in Switzerland.

It uses facts and stats to demonstrate how the Comtest Wireless drive-test solution has been used in Switzerland, since it was first introduced in 2011.

Thanks to SBB CFF FFS (Swiss Federal Railways) who allowed us to showcase the part we have played in the Gotthard Tunnel developments as an infographic.



Comtest Wireless ISO 9001

Double ISO 9001 recognition for quality management system

Comtest Wireless adds ‘installation’ to its certification scope and is accredited by RINA as complying with the latest ISO 9001 (2015) standard for quality systems.

Francesco Motta, Chief Operating Officer at Comtest Wireless says
“Quality is an important value for Comtest Wireless – we believe in developing and delivering quality products and services which in, turn help our customers to test and monitor the quality of the GSM-R and ERTMS networks on which they rely.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised mark of quality and we are proud to have gained this external accreditation, which supports or commitment to quality.

We have not only gained this certification from RINA for complying with the 2015 ISO 9001 standards for quality systems; we have also extended the scope of our certification at the same time.” Read more

NetProbe Automatic

Launch of unattended, automated drive-test solution

Comtest Wireless rises to rail market demand for real-time, network-wide insight into GSM-R quality and interference problems with new NetProbe Automatic solution.

Comtest Wireless announce the launch of an unattended, automated drive-test solution.

With NetProbe Automatic, it’s easy for rail infrastructure operators to install the appliances themselves and it’s affordable to do so on as many trains as they like. This means they can continuously monitor the telecoms network performance, from on-board test, operational or freight trains – using a robust and reliable solution. Read more.

NetProbe Portable

New NetProbe Portable range announced

Thameslink Programme inspires development of new portable unattended active GSM-R and ETCS test systems.

The new NetProbe Portable range will enable rail and signalling operators to extensively measure the GSM-R and ERTMS networks for voice and data quality by setting up and running automatic tests.

The solutions will be available as a carry-on battery powered trolleys and backpacks, which can be used on board trains or secured trackside, such as on a platform.

Learn more.

Neil Dayment, Project Manager at Siemens Mobile Communications, says “the Comtest Wireless solution has enabled us to validate our GSM-R coverage design for the Thameslink Programme. The flexibility of the solution allowed us to board service trains without disruption or the need to schedule specific test trains following the commissioning of GSM-R Base Stations.”

netptobe interference solution in use in Sweden

Solution to address GSM-R interference

Comtest Wireless offers solution to address GSM-R interference challenges (without a hiring a battalion of radio engineers).

Using proven Comtest Wireless technology, NetProbe Interference Modules provide rail and signalling operators with a complete solution to detect and analyse interference issues. As a result, the detailed interference reports can be used as a basis for engagement with mobile network operator (MNOs), third parties or legal entities, to address the issues.

A typical solution gives customers a toolkit that enables them to identify interference ‘hotspots’ using GSM-R performance data collection and analysis equipment installed on board operational trains.

The systems can perform tests with every GSM-R modem currently available in the market, making it easy to continuously signal levels (ie forcing UMTS 900) and therefore identify active operators and technologies. Read more.

comtest wireless demo

Want to see what Comtest Wireless can do?

Discover how the GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions make a difference.

Whether you are a telecom vendor, signalling vendor, railway infrastructure or rolling stock operator, Comtest Wireless solutions can help you detect issuse with GSM-R telecomms and ERTMS signalling networks.

Contact us for a demo.

Talk to us about what you need and we’ll arrange an initial webinar or meeting to show you how.


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Comtest Wireless GSM-R monitoring solution for Ccustomer - SBB

Comtest Wireless Wins SBB Tender for ERTMS Passive Monitoring Solution

Success based on being able to fulfil the ERTMS passive monitoring tender requirements to the highest degree.

Christian Nänni, Product Manager, Rail Communications at SBB Infrastructure Telecom says “Comtest Wireless won this ERTMS passive monitoring tender because they had the products and technology to provide the most effective solution. Installing probes at every telecom interface within the GSM-R network coupled with powerful software ensures that we have good visibility of the quality of service at all times and the ability to troubleshoot easily when necessary.” Read more >

Comtest Wireless provides Network Rail and Siemens with proven GSM R drive test equipment and powerful software solution

Comtest Wireless Supplies Active ERTMS Test and Measurement Solution for Thameslink Programme

Providing Network Rail & Siemens with proven drive test equipment and powerful software solution

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS network test and monitoring solutions, announces that its exclusive UK partner has been chosen to provide active ERTMS testing solutions for the Thameslink programme.

Comtest Wireless sponsors Henley squash club

Comtest Wireless sponsors

Henley Squash Club

Based in Henley on Thames, Henley Squash Club is run entirely by its members.

Henley Squash club member David Wright, became the Welsh Open Squash Masters Over 60s at the Welsh National Sports Centre on December 4th-6th.