Railway telecommunication testing. Let our experts help you.

Comtest Wireless serves customers around the globe

Comtest Wireless is there to support you throughout the project lifecycle – whatever assistance you need.

We can advise and create the initial requirement designs, starting from ETCS formal specification, through to project management, and the delivery and support of the GSM-R testing, ETCS testing or ERTMS testing solution – including customising reports, providing the training and also, maintaining the NetProbe equipment.

The services and support we provide means that our customers have access to some of the best industry expertise and the most powerful active and passive monitoring solutions available. This enables themto use attended and unattended systems on-board trains and trackside, to test, measure and analyse GSM-R communication and ERTMS & ETCS signalling data, to identify communication and signalling issues and then make better informed decisions.

Customer services

The Comtest Wireless testing and measurement services include:

  • Project management and planning to ensure the test and measurement data collection requirements meet the specified KPIs.
  • Measurement activities, including the data collection and data compilation.

Reporting services

Our reporting tools can be configured to deliver a variety of reports and can be customised on request. Our experienced support team can deliver all the necessary training and are available to handle post-implementation queries.

We can support you with:

  • Processing of the collected data
  • Report generation (standard and customised)
  • Exporting the coverage data to create thematic maps for use with planning tools

Customer support

Our Customer Support team is available to support you with your questions about our active and passive monitoring software and hardware, as well as questions about configuration or the warranty terms. We’ll explain how to get the problem resolved.

Our office hours are Monday – Friday (9:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00 CEST)

You can contact us by
Phone: +39 011 4532181
Fax: +39 011.210045

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