Passive monitoring

Process & Analyse True End-to-End ERTMS Transactions

Comtest Wireless passive monitoring solutions enable rail operators and equipment vendors to test and measure ERTMS, GSM-R and interlocking networks for true end-to-end signalling performance.

ERTMS networks are complex environments that present many monitoring challenges and issues, including:

  • GSM-R coverage needs to be available everywhere and at all times
  • Network supervision must be 24×7
  • The monitoring system needs to be able to evaluate complex systems interactions (GSM-R/ETCS/IXL)
  • The monitoring system must also identify root-causes, when anomalies occur
  • The data collected needs to be retained for a sufficient period of time to:
    • ensure that network upgrades can be properly tracked
    • perform appropriate rollbacks, in the case of malfunction
    • score performances and identify trends

Using scanners, responder units and other monitoring hardware, NetProbe passive monitoring enables signalling data streams from the trackside and on-board units to be collected in real-time from a wide variety of network and train equipment.  

Comtest Wireless passive monitoring

Just some of the key benefits of using NetProbe Passive Testing

  • must-have technology to monitor and troubleshoot GSM-R/ETCS networks
  • ability to process and analyse true end-to-end ERTMS transactions, from GSM-R, ERTMS and Interlocking (IXL) networks
  • a high focus on interoperability
  • capability to be scalable, flexible, reliable and extremely easy to maintain
  • true real-time support for a wide variety of urgent issues
  • data correlation and embedded full protocol layout and decoding, to automate time-consuming procedures
  • an extremely efficient database to ensure extensive data retention (for many years), thus allowing long-term performance evaluation.
  • centralised view that combines the best features for operators of any size
  • all the features peculiar to GSM-R/ETCS technology requirements, such as GSM-R mobile support, UIC testing methodologies, geo-location measurements in tunnels and more

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These passive monitoring test and measurement solutions include:

  • the provision of probes, responder units and other monitoring hardware to test and measure the quality of the communication network systems
  • the provision of powerful software tools to compile, collate and analyse the data
  • the provision of maintenance equipment, consultancy and services

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