Interference solutions

Monitor & identify GSM-R interference

Interference can cause issues and failures in GSM-R voice and data communication. 

Comtest Wireless provides the hardware and software to monitor interference on GSM-R networks and equipment, so rail and signalling operators can identify and prevent failures in quality of service.

The NetProbe monitoring solutions measure the RF coverage along the GSM-R network using high quality receivers and scanners, which support technologies from multiple suppliers.

The detailed reports can be used as a basis for engagement with mobile network operator (MNOs), third parties or legal entities, to address the issues.

Just some of the key benefits of using NetProbe Interference Monitoring

  • must-have technology for interference
  • troubleshooting and RF network quality assessment
  • ability to identify intra-system interference using GSM Scanner
  • ability to verify when and how much UMTS operators’ contributions increase the RF noisefloor using WCDMA Scanners
  • automatic management of cab radios with real functional tests on: ERTMS-ETCS, Voice, GPRS and ASCI (VGC, VBC)
  • testing for compliance to EIRENE RF coverage & Lee criteria
  • connectivity optimisation for GSM layer 2 and 3
  • voice QoS testing with MOS measurement (PESQ)
  • data QoS measurements in circuit switch mode,
  • compliant to ERTMS subset 093/ UIC O2475 std
  • data QoS measurements in packet switch mode (GPRS over GSMR)

Comtest Wireless interference monitoring

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