Combined GSM-R & ETCS monitoring

Many Comtest Wireless customers benefit from the power of combined GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring, using our active and passive test and measurement solutions. The data provides a detailed view of:

  • all the railway communication systems
  • performance data (both continually and on request)
  • trackside results (via passive monitoring)
  • train signalling and other initiated data (via active monitoring)
  • data in real-time from GPS and radio message events

Watch this video to learn more about Combined GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring.

A range of Combined GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions are available, to suit the needs of different customer types, including: rail operators, signalling operators and vendors, telecom vendors and railway communication system integrators.

They can be customised to meet local and industry requirements. The Comtest Wireless team is highly experienced at designing and delivering practical solutions.