Automatic monitoring

Collect, Compile and Analyse Rail Telcom & Signalling Data Automatically

Railway telecom and signalling connectivity and integrity need to be continuous. The ideal testing and monitoring solution requires automatic monitoring of both high speed and conventional lines, at all times. This can be achieved cost-effectvely, using unattended on-board instrumentation.

The NetProbe Automatic Monitoring solution uses state-of-the-art technology that is suitable for use on any train, is easy to install by their own engineers and requires minimal engineer maintenance visits. In just the size of a shoebox, it enables rail infrastructure operators to receive real-time analytics and identify network issues quickly.

Using NetProbe Automatic:

  • Signal level and quality measurement data is collected by the on-board unit, statistically compiled into configurable ‘packets’, then transmitted to the responder server.
  • Alarm data is sent direct to the responder server in close to real-time.

Just some of the key benefits of using NetProbe Automatic Monitoring

The NetProbe Automatic Monitoring Solution provides an in-depth view of:

  • all railway communication systems
  • GSM-R service coverage
  • Performance data (for repeat test patterns, alarms, measurements and events)
  • Issues and inefficiencies (handover failures, service drops etc)
  • Radio measurements that are geo-positioned from GPS, time synchronised and then notified in real-time

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