On-Board Monitoring

NetProbe on-board monitoring solutions

Collect & Analyse GSM-R Data

Comtest Wireless on-board solutions enable rail operators and GSM-R equipment vendors to actively test and measure network performance, using drive-test and unattended systems.

The NetProbe on-board monitoring solutions combine Comtest Wireless’s deep understanding of the GSM-R and ERTMS sectors together with state-of-the-art technology, to provide a comprehensive and powerful service for railway operators and telecommunications companies.

They enable data variables (such as the time, train geo-location and radio message events) to be initiated, collected and collated – as single events or as part of a regular schedule.

On-Board GSM-R and ERTMS data collection

Comtest Wireless enables rail engineers and telecoms operatives to script and collect data using:

  • Fully equipped test trains, managed for customers
  • Equipment installed on operational or test trains to run active (manned) or unattended (automated) GSM-R tests
  • Portable equipment deployed on operational or test trains to run active (manned) or unattended (automated) GSM-R tests
  • Equipment installed on operational or test trains to collect signalling and other train asset management data

NetProbe On-Board features

  • must-have technology for troubleshooting and network quality assessment
  • radio measurements geo-positioned from GPS, time synchronised and notified in real-time
  • all features peculiar to GSM-R/ETCS technology requirements, such as GSM-R mobile support, UIC testing methodologies, geo-location measurements in tunnels and more.
  • the capability to simplify and automate effort-intensive tasks (such as UIC test sets or interference and inter-modulation analysis) so that these can be done quickly and efficiently
  • available as a standalone solution or as part of a combined solution

Comtest Wireless NetProbe active monitoring example

These test and measurement solutions include:

  • The provision of fully equipped test trains that are managed for customers
  • The provision of software and hardware to enable customers to collect data and monitor communications – these may be located on normal or test trains or in other environments – such as unattended systems situated on platforms
  • The provision of maintenance equipment and various types of consultancy and services

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