NetProbe OBU

Comtest Wireless NetProbe OBU

Continuous automated data collection of on-board ERTMS and national signalling systems

NetProbe OBU (On Board Unit) offers a unique visibility of the performance of operational assets by continuous automated data collection and analysis of on-board ERTMS and national signalling systems.

It can collect data from a wide range of different on-board systems and by compiling it into a single platform it is much easier to conduct analysis and detect issues more quickly.

On-board data collection

Signalling engineers and train management operatives can script and collect on-board data for:

  • GSM-R radio data including any trace interface (if available)
  • ERTMS and national signalling network performance ETCS data or any other signalling-related parameters
  • General train data – GPS position, speed, braking and acceleration performance
  • Movement authorities between the train and the Radio Block Centre (RBC)
  • Balise data including individual and group balise statuses and the balise telegram log
  • Driver information

Comtest Wireless NetProbe OBU interfaces that can be monitored

NetProbe OBU Features

NetProbe OBU is part of the NetProbe On-board Testing and Monitoring solutions. It enables train operators and rail infrastructure providers to better understand and manage their assets and operations.

Each installed solution comes with an on-board probe (if required), an on-board rack mounted box, access to a dedicated central server for data storage, and analytics & reporting software (with an option to include additional cloud-based management reporting).

  • Direct automated onboard data collection
  • Provides independent information to identify and corroborate GSM-R, signalling, train and driver performance issues
  • Helps to ensure continuously meet KPIs/SLAs and can address issues before they impact the customer
  • Ensures payment only for delays only when they are relevant
  • Helps to optimise asset maintenance schedules and service levels
  • Enables continuous and comprehensive visibility of fleet and asset operational performance
  • Single analytical platform prevents siloed data collection and analysis, so it is easier to identify potential issues more quickly and resolve them more efficiently
  • Intuitive software, clear graphical interface
  • Daily data downloads and storage for many years helps trend analysis
  • Can be installed on test or operational trains


Once collected, the data is then analysed using NetProbe Analytics, the powerful, proprietary Comtest Wireless software platform.

View real-time data as:

  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Events
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Layers

Additional services

Comtest Wireless can also provide the necessary training, support and maintenance contracts.

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