NetProbe Enterprise

NetProbe Enterprise provides 24/7 online and remote access to configurable KPI management reports for GSM-R call drops, handovers and more

NetProbe Enterprise provides online access to GSM-R KPI management reports

NetProbe Enterprise enables GSM-R KPI reports to be made available online, 24/7. These are ideal for management reports, whilst enabling engineers and GSM-R teams to have access to detailed reports via NetProbe Analytics, installed on dedicated computers in Head Office or onsite at Testing Centres.

NetProbe Enterprise features

  • Web browser solution
  • Remote 24/7 online access
  • Configurable management reports for
    • GSM-R call drops
    • handover failures
    • other testing KPIs
  • Access to the entire repository of measurements and performance data
  • Enables performance trend investigation along railway lines (showing if performance is steady or degrading)
  • Helps to track maintenance actions and verify outcomes

To learn more read the case study: New NetProbe web browser solution makes it easy for BaneNOR to monitor call drops, handover failures and other GSM-R testing KPIs, 24/7.