Comtest Wireless interlocking module

If the ERTMS failure is not identified in the GSM-R or signalling network on the ETCS line, the next step is to investigate the train movement authorities, RBC and interlocking.

Interlocking (IXL) is the arrangement of signal apparatus, which prevents conflicting movements on train tracks through the use of junctions or crossings. Electrical interlocking uses software to control the hardware, instead of hard-wired networks of relays. This makes them much easier to change, as modifications can be done by reprogramming rather than rewiring.

Interlocking Module

Part of the NetProbe Wayside Suite, this Module collects and graphically displays data, making it easy to analyse and investigate interlocking statuses and issues.

It enables GSM-R, ERTMS networks and IXL data on a L2 ETCS line to be monitored and reported using the same platform.

Comtest Wireless is the only company that can simultaneously monitor and display wayside data from all the GSM-R, ERTMS and IXL networks along a level 2 ETCS line

Features and benefits

  • IXL data reporting on a L2 ETCS line
  • Clear graphical interface makes it easy to see train trips
  • Customisable analytical tools enable you to select the data you want to see
  • Fully re-sizable graphical view
  • Dynamic and interactive tools let you to see more
  • detail by hovering the mouse over different elements
  • Easily modified so you can change labels, signals and the schematic view without needing to recompile or
    get a new version of the tool
  • Ability to synchronise interlocking data with GSM-R and ERTMS data
  • 24×7 supervision
  • Data storage for many years

Additional services

Comtest Wireless can also provide the necessary training, support and maintenance contracts.

To provide a more holistic view of the network and to make it easier to pinpoint issues, NetProbe Wayside can also be used with other data collection products:

  • NetProbe OBU (on-board signalling data collection)
  • NetProbe Drive Test (active testing)
  • NetProbe Unattended (automated testing)

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