Comtest Wireless ETCS testing products

Proven high-quality products to test and monitor GSM-R and ERTMS signalling communications

Comtest Wireless is a world-leading provider of test and measurement products for railway GSM-R telecommunications and ERTMS signalling networks.

The Comtest Wireless products collect GSM-R, signalling and interlocking data from multiple sources, vendors and equipment types using trolleys, racks, portable equipment, probes and scanners. They can be installed:

  • On-board both test trains and operational trains
  • Wayside, along the track

Product suite summary & infographic

CW product suite infographic

The on-board data collection suite of products includes:

The wayside suite of products collect data for:

The combined data provides uniquely comprehensive and accurate correlated results. This is then analysed in a central platform (NetProbe Analytics), making it easy to troubleshoot and identify status issues, such as handover failures. Detailed, customised reports are available to view or export using NetProbe Analytics, while an online reporting option (NetProbe Enterprise), enables high level management reports to be viewed 24/7, using a web-interface.


Product suite architecture

This diagram summarises the product and solution architecture. Click on a block to learn more.

NetProbe Enterprise   NetProbe Unattended 


In addition to the products, Comtest Wireless also offers the following customer services:

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Measurement activities
  • Report customisation
  • Training
  • Maintenance

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