Welcome to Comtest Wireless.

Comtest Wireless provides active and passive test and measurement solutions for GSM-R telecommunications networks and ETCS signalling systems.

Our state-of-the art monitoring solutions provide a unique combined view of GSM-R and ERTMS networks for railway telecommunications operators, suppliers and vendors. They can be installed onboard test trains and operational trains, and wayside, along the track. Read more about us ...

Comtest Wireless provides GSM-R and ERTMS monitoring solutions to vendors and operators of GSM-R communication and ERTMS signalling systems.

Providing Vigilance. Creating Wisdom.

Comtest Wireless are independent experts in the field of GSM-R testing and ERTMS testing solutions.

Comtest Wireless active and passive GSMR and ERTMS monitoring solutions collect data from multiple equipment types, sources and vendors. This combined view makes it easier to analyse and identify communication issues and then make better decisions.

That’s why the unique solutions from Comtest Wireless are used by vendors and operators of GSM-R and ETCS communication systems and technology around the globe.

Comtest Wireless to attend UIC ERTMS world conference

Comtest Wireless attended the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference.

Stand 13. 1 – 2 March 2016, Brussels.

The theme for this conference was: “ERTMS – Managing long term safety investment in a rapidly changing world”.

The Comtest Wireless team met delegates and explained how to manage long term safety by collecting and using data from GSM-R telecommunications networks and ERTMS signalling systems.

Learn more about the UIC ERTMS World Conference.

Comtest Wireless Limited attends SmartRail Metro Eurasia and showcases GSMR testing and ETCS testing solutions

Comtest Wireless attended Smart Rail Eurasia

26-29 January 2016.

Delegates met the Comtest Wireless team to learn more about how to collect and use data from GSM-R telecommunications networks and ERTMS signalling systems.

They also discovered how to monitor these communications from multiple sources, vendors and equipment types – and how to check for interference.

Visit the Smart Rail Eurasia website.

Comtest Wireless Limited - GSMR testing solutions provider

Comtest Wireless User Group

Dates: 3-4 February 2016
Location: Turin, Italy

Why attend the Comtest Wireless User Group?

It is a great opportunity to learn more about the NetProbe active and passive, combined, automatic and interference monitoring products and services.

Contact the Comtest Wireless team to learn more.

netptobe interference solution in use in Sweden

Solution to address GSM-R interference

Comtest Wireless offers solution to address GSM-R interference challenges (without a hiring a battalion of radio engineers).

Using proven Comtest Wireless technology, NetProbe Interference Modules provide rail and signalling operators with a complete solution to detect and analyse interference issues. As a result, the detailed interference reports can be used as a basis for engagement with mobile network operator (MNOs), third parties or legal entities, to address the issues.

A typical solution gives customers a toolkit that enables them to identify interference ‘hotspots’ using GSM-R performance data collection and analysis equipment installed on board operational trains.

The systems can perform tests with every GSM-R modem currently available in the market, making it easy to continuously signal levels (ie forcing UMTS 900) and therefore identify active operators and technologies. Read more.

Comtest Wireless gives to take care kids

Comtest Wireless supports Take Care Kids

Comtest Wireless helps to improve the quality of life for children living in poverty in Thailand.

Pietro Comerro, Director at Comtest Wireless says “as a business which has ‘safety’ at is heart, we are pleased to be supporting the work Take Care Kids do. The money raised provides direct aid to the children and orphans living in truly life-threatening conditions – and every child deserves to be safe.”

comtest wireless demo

Want to see what Comtest Wireless can do?

Discover how the GSM-R and ERTMS test and monitoring solutions make a difference.

Whether you are a telecom vendor, signalling vendor, railway infrastructure or rolling stock operator, Comtest Wireless solutions can help you detect issuse with GSM-R telecomms and ERTMS signalling networks.

Contact us for a demo.

Talk to us about what you need and we’ll arrange an initial webinar or meeting to show you how.


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Comtest Wireless GSM-R monitoring solution for Ccustomer - SBB

Comtest Wireless Wins SBB Tender for ERTMS Passive Monitoring Solution

Success based on being able to fulfil the ERTMS passive monitoring tender requirements to the highest degree.

Christian Nänni, Product Manager, Rail Communications at SBB Infrastructure Telecom says “Comtest Wireless won this ERTMS passive monitoring tender because they had the products and technology to provide the most effective solution. Installing probes at every telecom interface within the GSM-R network coupled with powerful software ensures that we have good visibility of the quality of service at all times and the ability to troubleshoot easily when necessary.” Read more >

Comtest Wireless provides Network Rail and Siemens with proven GSM R drive test equipment and powerful software solution

Comtest Wireless Supplies Active ERTMS Test and Measurement Solution for Thameslink Programme

Providing Network Rail & Siemens with proven drive test equipment and powerful software solution

Comtest Wireless, independent experts in the field of GSM-R and ERTMS network test and monitoring solutions, announces that its exclusive UK partner has been chosen to provide active ERTMS testing solutions for the Thameslink programme.

Comtest Wireless sponsors Henley squash club

Comtest Wireless sponsors

Henley Squash Club

Based in Henley on Thames, Henley Squash Club is run entirely by its members.

Henley Squash club member David Wright, became the Welsh Open Squash Masters Over 60s at the Welsh National Sports Centre on December 4th-6th.